Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I visited you today. I had a Dr's appointment and afterward realized I was right by you so I had to come see you. For some reason I got scared and nervous the closer I got. I know it sounds absurd, but I don’t want you to be alone. I realize it’s not really you there. You’re already gone. But I’m glad Grandpa and Grandma Finch are close by. It had to be fate that you landed up there, surrounded by people that will protect and love you like we would/do. I had to smile when I approached you. Maw maw’s beautiful flower cross that she picked out for you and was so proud of was there. But then I saw the little hole they had to dig for you. That tore my heart. I wanted to scream out that this wasn't fair. I’m glad no one was around because I cried so hard for you. All I can think about are things that I don’t get to see you do and how I want to hold you so bad.

Your mom had a great idea today. She asked me to take some of your flowers to where I work to give to some residents that don’t get visited much. A few weeks ago I saw one of the residents looking out the front door at the visitors that had come to see their loved ones. When she was wheeling away I saw tears in her eyes and my heart broke for her. I took one of your beautiful pink roses to her and she smiled so big. Also, I have gotten close to another woman and she has been in a lot of pain lately. I took a huge arrangement to her. She almost cried she was so happy. By the time dinner came around I think she told everyone in the nursing home about the flowers. Your love is touching people and that makes me so proud to call you my niece.

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  1. Joey's idea of taking flowers to the residents was brilliant. And you are right, it is a way to share her life and joy with others that aren't so fortunate to have a loving family such as yours.

    It broke my heart just reading about the woman waiting for someone to come visit her.