Monday, January 25, 2010

Always & Forever

I try and write about you
And nothing is ever good enough
I cry tears of so much sadness
And the pain never seems to let up

I think about you everyday
And remember feeling your warmth
I touched your velvety feet
And prayed to feel your un-beating heart

I have dreams where you’re alive
You’re beautiful and there are no goodbyes
I wake up feeling so happy
Then realize it’s all a cruel lie

I try to rationalize the situation
And am always left with more pain
I’m not sure why God did this
No reason ever sounds sane

And when people say everything happens for a reason
I get so much anger in my heart
I can’t think of one reason
Why God would keep us apart

But I know one day I will see you again
And this time it will be all smiles
I’ll get to know who you are
And the wait will be worthwhile

Donna Finch

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